Cutting Factory will oversee an entire video production or 3D animation, or work within existing or planned production pipelines.

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We discuss all aspects of pre-production from concept design through to scheduling. Our team can manage everything from storyboarding, budgeting and location scouting, ensuring that we deliver an on time, on budget, project.

CGI & 3D Animation

Cutting Factory designs and creates your vision in digital space. We keyframe a video production so each individual component is rendered and finally composited together to build stunning animations.

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3D visualisation

We specialise in a selection of services across 3D animation, motion graphics, video mapping and product realisation and planning. We develop creative approaches to work with your needs and the requirements of your individual project, from short bumpers to producing stunning 3D renders of interior or exterior space.

Film production

Whether it’s film, animation or a combination of both, our production teams consider every aspect of your project. We have a variety of solutions to achieve the results you require. We work to understand your brand and audience, in order to set the right tone and present the correct message.

VFX & post production

Bringing together art, creativity and innovation to every project, Cutting Factory works to create beautiful visual effects to any film production.