Film production company Cutting Factory was founded by artist and animator, Kate Ehrhardt. She initially worked closely with a small circle of clients in the telecoms & hi-tech space, allowing them to produce filmed videos or a 3D Animation at a cost point never previously available to them.

Considerable extra value was brought by her ability to visualise and conceptualise abstract, and often highly technical, ideas into a promotional video that would immediately resonate with an audience, as often her clients had a requirement but not a concept. By using imagery that was instantly recognisable, but in keeping with the messaging, Kate was able to turn that requirement into a conceptual piece that would resonate with the required audience.


Kate Ehrhardt

Studio Director/Lead Animator

"For years of working together, Kate and the team have always delivered high quality work and have been flexible to accommodate both our timeline and budgetary needs. Plus, they are an enjoyable and creative group of people who always encourage us to consider new ideas and approaches that help set us apart from the rest". Nicole Anderson, Director of Corporate Communications, Ciena Corp.

Using her talents as a video director and animator, and by bringing a technically strong, and timescale-reliable, team together, Kate has enabled our film production company to deliver complete end-to-end projects for corporate applications in key areas such as:

  • Architecture and real estate planning
  • Telecommunications
  • Software and cloud computing
  • Robotics
  • Chip and semiconductor products and manufacturing
  • Landscape gardening and estate management
  • Military / security
  • Automobile and aircraft components & interiors
  • Automobile and aircraft manufacturing


VP Business Development

Film Production Company Sergey by Cutting Factory


Senior Technical Artist

Film Production Company Ty by Cutting Factory


3D Generalist

Film Production Company Chris by Cutting Factory


Head Cameraman

In addition, Cutting Factory have the tools and solutions to provide a completely broadcast compliant (visual and audio) end-to-end service in other areas such as:

  • music videos
  • video mapping
  • bumpers/idents
  • fully rendered stage sets and backdrops for compositing in post, or for live stream
  • animated logos

Of course, the team is able to work on specific VFX and post-production tasks, such as colour grading and audio composition under direction.