Cutting factory have a wide variety of tools and techniques to provide you with any type of animation, be one scene or an entire ad-length or promo video production.

Modelling & texturing

Our animation studio starts modelling a film’s assets by creating complex meshes from shapes and tools. Our rigid workflow through UV layout determines a process to exploit base modelling methods and define our reference materials.


We are experts in manipulating the geometry of characters and the interaction they have with their environments. Our understanding of physics and anatomy simplifies this process. We use creativity, precision, and an eye for detail to animate specific parts of basic skeletons that will ultimately make them believable.


Cutting Factory team members boast expert skills across many types of toolsets. We begin with simple keyframing to map the journey. We then begin to add the finer details to make objects to appear as they should.

Character Animation

Cutting Factory creates emotionally believable characters in a wide variety of styles, translating our 2D storyboard sketches into fully rigged character exports.

Turn on sound for full experience.

Particle FX, fluid dynamics and rigid-body simulation

Want your story to flow well? Our understanding of particle-based fluid dynamics and rigid-body simulation allows us to correctly predict the flow of complex geometrics combined with detailed motion. Our models undergo high deformation during this simulation process and can have many applications, specifically in the power train, and automotive / aerospace industries.

Lighting, camera setup & multi-pass rendering

Lighting alone can determine the overall success of a render. We craft our lighting solutions to match the exact requirements of each scene. For camera setups, we create bespoke groups to replicate real world scenarios. We then build specific controls that are locked down to produce a final setup. Multi-pass renders add final touches to a scene, from depth-of-field to motion blur.

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